Friday, January 16, 2009

Art You Great

"Art You Great" is my program that I actually made-up. The thought came from my very creative English / drama teacher, grandfather, Grandpa Doug Lazenby. He coined the phase, "Aren't you great!", he used the phrase every time he talked to me. Now, I've taken his saying and I am running with it. As a child no other phrase made me feel more important or amazing.

Some of my favorite quotes are; "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up". Pablo Picasso and "Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein. Creativity and expression in art truly gives a child self-esteem as well as developing their right-side of their hungry brains.

The child's whole way of viewing the world and way of thinking is the by development of the "whole brain." With art children receive a boost in self-confidence, art is a natural way to let the child's creative outlet expand and let go of the stresses in life. Art nurtures children in a way that helps a child's personal growth and academics. It also enhances individuality, diversity, personal expression and imagination in a world were technology domanates our world. Our children can appreciate art though experiencing it through close observation and how it makes them feel. Their feelings about each type of art media will deepen as they express themselves. What a wonderful step toward a lifelong love of art.


  1. Grandpa was an amazing teacher even when he wasn't trying to teach. He is the best example to me. Miss him bunches. I am so glad that your program is in memory of him.

  2. Oh, Worm! You are so wonderful and I'm so proud of you. It has never surprised me that you are a teacher. Remember the block newspaper you did for our neighborhood when you were just about 9? Maybe younger. Your energy to give is incredible. I thought you needed to have more babies because they are so beautiful and wonderful, but I can see you DO have many, many children that you nurture and love. Hang in there! Mom